Horror Movies Watched & Books Read (Oct 2010)


Babysitter Wanted (2008) **
A babysitter discovers the child she is sitting for is the son of the devil. This movie moves slowly & tries to build suspense, but fails.

The Psychic (1977) **1/2
Lucio Fulci directed this tale of a clairvoyant who finds a skeleton in his house. The mystery ensures. Not the usual gorefest from the director, but not a bad mysterious.

The Commune (2009) **
A teenage girl goes to spend the summer with her father at a Commune where things aren't as they appear. The DVD skipped during the last 15 minutes & I didn't care because nothing up to that point really kept me interested.

Acolytes (2008) ***
High school kids try to blackmail a murderer into taking out a guy who's been bullying them, but they find out it's a dangerous line to tow. An interesting Aussie movie

Reflecting Skin (1990) ***1/2
Set in the 1950's Midwest, this story is about a kid who believes his neighbor is a vampire & tries to stop his brother from falling in love with her. Also a subplot about murdered children. A very unique and bizarre movie.

The Tomb (2010) **
A modern version of Tombs of Ligeria presented by Fangoria. It had potential & actually kept me watching to the until the end. But quite frankly this movie is a sloppy mess.

Salvage (2008) ***1/2
A subtle piece where a community is over ran by creatures, well turned humans jacked up on medical experiments. A mother fights for survival and tries to save her teenage daughter.

Zombies of Mass Destruction (2009) ***
A far better than expected zombie comedy as the dead take over a small New England community who thinks a terrorist attack started by Al Queda. The movie pokes fun at a lot of different prejudices, which I like.

Dark House (2010) **
A house where child slayings is bought by a schylock, played awesomely by Jeffrey Combs, and is turned into a state of the art haunted house. The spirit infects the computer system and starts wiping out people. Nothing too bad but nothing original. The twist is seen a mile away.

Pighunt (2010) **1/2
What happens when you cross a group of military trained friends, backwoods locals, a hippy commune full of naked women who are lead by a black Jesus figure, and a myth of a giant 3000lb wild boar...well you get this movie. The first half of the movie is a really solid suspense thriller, but then all hell breaks looks and it becomes way too much for one to digest.

The Haunting (2008) ***
Fangoria FrightFest Presents - The Haunting
A solid ghost story from Spain which has a couple moving into a house where Catholic priests performed supernatural experiments. Soon the ghosts of the pasts want redemption. Great tension can make me forgive about the slight lack of logic at places in the film.

Slime City (1989) **
An ultra low budget movie with a decent plot and special effects, but horrible acting by the main character. It did make me not ever want to turn into slime.

Fragile (2005) ***
Fangoria Frightfest Presents - Fragile
Director Jaume Balagueró constructs a fine ghost tale which suffers only the characters waiting too long to resolve their situation. And Clasitina Flockhart didn't impress me either. However, this ghost tale set in a children's hospital is still well worth watching.

Dont Look Up (2009) *1/2
With the first English language film from Fruit Chan I expected...well something to at least keep me interested. The story was murky, the acting was bad, and just found the majority of this flick dull. A couple of decent specials effects are the only thing halfway decent.

Horrors of Malformed Men (1969) **1/2
A bizarre flick full of naked Japanese women from the 60's. I'm still not exactly sure what was going on but the it's full of horrific imagery that makes it worth watching.

My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done? (2010) **1/2
Werner Herzog is a madman who has never been afraid to tackle a project. This movie, much like the main character (an always incredible Michael Shannon), is a descent into madness.

Curse of Frankenstein (1957) ***
Hammer Studios revitalized the Frankenstein legend with this outstanding movie. Peter Cushing & Christopher Lee are amazing as always.

My Super Psycho Sweet Sixteen (2008) **1/2
I had reservations about this MTV produced film and while not perfect, it's a decent throwback to 80's slasher flicks. Just get beyond the fact of hot, early twenty-something actresses playing 15 year olds and sketchy dialog (do teens really talk that way these days?).

My Super Psycho Sweet Sixteen 2 (2010) **
This sequel had far more unbelievable characters (this time 20 somethings playing 13-16 year olds) to go with a fairly decent story, which made sense. The movie did nothing for me though.

Monsters (2010) ***1/2
The only real horror in the movie is the aftermath caused by the aliens (The Infected Zone) as two people try to get back to the US. Not exactly what I was anticipating but this is still a good movie to watch.


The Goon: My Murderous Childhood & Other Stories (Number 2) by Eric Powell ***
A bunch of short tales involving The Goon in his continuous battles against the zombie priest and all things wierd. Fun stuff.

Dark Harvest by Norman Patridge ****1/2
Dark Harvest
A great story centering around a small Midwestern town with Pagan beliefs and the boy who is trying to escape it by winning "The Run" and slaying The October Boy.

Left For Dead: Sacrifice **1/2
I've never played the games or seen any other of the comics, if there are any, but decided to give this a quick glance one day due to it being a free download. It's alright with interesting variations on the zombies.

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