Horror Movies Watched & Books Read (Nov 2010)


# Destination Truth Season 4, part 1 (2010) ***
I have to drop this season down a notch as there seems to be a lighter note to the series. It often shows the "lighter" f their travels and adventures. However, I do not watch the show for to see such antics. I want strange monsters, exotic locales, and, unexplainable things...which the show continues to do.

Red: Werewolf Hunter (2010) **1/2
A family of werewolf hunters are in for a rough time when a truce is broken with the local clan and the werewolves realize they can change at will. A SyFy movie with a decent, yet predictable, story and their usual low rate CGI effects. But hey, I've seen a lot of worse movies.

Nightmares in Red, White, & Blue (2010) ****
Nightmares in Red, White and Blue: The Evolution of the American Horror Film
While there really isn't new ground covered for hard core horror fans, this is a well made documentary which hits all the right points.

Revenge of Frankenstein (1958) ***
Dr. Frankenstein's second attempt at creating life once again doesn't go as planned. Will he ever learn? Another solid entry from Hammer Studios

Frankenstein Created Woman (1967) ***
Dr. Frankenstein creates a female monster hoping its gender will bring upon reason. Again, a solid entry to Frankenstein lore from Hammer.

Suck (2010) ***1/2
A horror-comedy-rock and roll hybrid movie which has a band start gaining fame after their hottie bass player turned into a vampire. Hijinx, mayhem, and gore follows. Great cameos by Henry Rollins, Alice Cooper, & Iggy Pop.

After.Life (2010) **
Solid acting from Liam Neison and an oft naked Christina Ricci cant save this movie about a mortician who helps the recently deceased make the transition to death or his just a common serial killer. I'm usually alright with not having answers if the plot is good enough. This one wasn't.

Tales of Terror from Tokyo (2004) *1/2
Several shorts bound together, all dealing with supernatural elements. I watched this because many top Japanese directors had segments. Too bad the entire movie was boring.

The Norliss Tapes (1973) **1/2
A made for TV movie from the early 70's that has to do with a writing trying to debunk supernatural phenomenon, only to be proven wrong by the discovery of a vampire. A decent movie for it's era (and for being produced for television) but the years have not treated it kindly.

Frozen (2010) ***
Friends get stuck on ski lift. Friends battle the elements and each other. While I have a couple of small gripes with the movie, it is none the less a movie worth watching as it plays of the basic terror of isolation and survival.

Tony (2010) **
A sociopath goes about his days killing people in London. The concept seems over done at this point and I couldn't get into the flick.

And Soon the Darkness Comes (1970) ***
Two female friends go bicycling across France. One goes missing and the other is determined to find what happened to her. Not exactly what I expected. Nice suspenseful movie.

Road Kill (2009) **
A supernatural semi stalks it's latest victims of young people on a trip through the Australian outback. The movie is as ridiculous as it sounds.

Grimm Love (2008) **1/2
For a thesis paper, graduate student researches a famous case of cannibalism. Told in flashbacks between the eater and the giver with the present day. A difficult and uneven movie, yet interesting to watch.

Pontypool (2008) ***1/2
A tale with an interesting premise. Certain words in the English language become a host to a virus which causes people flip out. A small town radio crew reports on the chaos as the terror crashes in around them. A fine film with plenty of tension and smarts.

Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) *1/2
Another unnecessary remake which flat, cardboard characters and basically zero reason for me to like the movie.

Siren aka Erotic Ghost (2006) **
A siren comes from the sea and feeds on the greed of a group of bank robbers. Not much to this one except the stunning Sola Aoi as the siren.

Jonah Hex (2010) *1/2
Another interesting comic book character gets the Hollywood treatment which turns out unspectacular. Another waste of good actors.

30 Days of Night: Dark Days (2010) **1/2
A strong first half is severely weakened by the rest of the movie as cardboard characters who are suppose to be expert hunters do dumb things to get themselves killed.

In Dreams (1999) **
A strong cast delivers horrible acting in the movie about a psychic who mind seems to be connected to a serial killer. The same killer who took her daughter. I found this flick to be very badly done.

Big Tits Dragon (2010) **1/2
I do enjoy low budget, Japanese splatterfest flicks. This one has a group of dancers discovering the book of the dead and opening up a portal to Hell, letting the dead walk. Campy fun. Just dont take it too seriously.

Animals by Craig Spector & John Skipp ***1/2
A crazy chick, who is a werewolf, recruits a guy to protect her from her equally crazy, werewolf boyfriend. It doesn't work out. The guy now must deal with his inner wolf and his new girlfriend, until the crazy girl returns once again. Not a typical wolf tale with loads of sex and gore.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer by Seth Graham-Smith
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
A revisionist history which has the great emancipator living a secret life as a vampire. A fantastic piece of work which adds a supernatural element to US history.

The Goon: Heaps of Ruination (vol. 3) by Eric Powell ****
The Goon continues with great stories of a horror-comedy nature. This group has the debut El Hombre de Largato which ends up in a Godzilla vs King Kong like battle, a Hellboy crossover story, and a cool of vampires.

Criminal Macabre by Steve Niles ****1/2
Criminal Macabre: A Cal McDonald Mystery (Dark Horse Comics Collection)
The first book in the Cal MacDonald stories which deals with ex-cop & drunk Cal trying to figure out why all the vamps, wolfs, and zombies are working together. A very unique, horror-noir tale. I will continue this series.

The Lost by Jack Ketchum
Ketchum is never one to hold back on making the reader uncomfortable. This tale is about a sociopath in small town Maine during the early 70's is no excpetion.

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