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One of my favorite all time series of books is going forward once again. I was gitty with excitement once I heard J.J. Abrams was going to produce and make it into a series because that is exactly what it needs to be, a seven years, 10 episode per year series with each season based on each novel. The material is too dense to pack into films. But Abrams dropped out. Enter Ron Howard, who wants to do a trilogy of movies plus TV. This is an interesting concept. With Ron at helm, it should be decent.

So that leads us to the big question. Who plays Roland Deschain, the Gunslinger? Every fan has their choice and I am no different, though my I finished the novels up long ago so some of my choices have changed because of age. Sorry, I dont like seeing 40 year old actors play early 20 somethings.

Anyways, this all leads to who I wouldn't mind seeing as Roland. In the novels when Roland meets up with the real Stephen King, it's described as looking into a mirror. I cant think of a single actor that even resembles the Stephen King. While there's never really any age put on the Gunslinger, my guess is around forty. So here are a few of my choices.

Mark Pellegrino
Mark is a classic "character actor" in every sense of the term. You see him show up all the time in stuff, especially television. He nails the role and makes it his own. Yet he's never been the lead. I think he could handle the job of Roland. Plus the man has horror/fantasy street credit with major roles in Dexter, Supernatural, Lost, and the new Being Human series. He'd be my first pick.

Richard Burgi
I have no idea why, but somwhere in the middle of the Dark Tower series, this is the guy who kept envisioning as Roland. He pops up in and after seeing him in Hostel II, I think he'd bring a unique intensity to the role.

Holt McCallany
Holt is another one of those guys you tend to see in a lot of roles. Most recently as the main character in the new FX series Light Out. I add him to my list because of the intensity he could bring as Roland. He'd have an outside shot at being a kick ass Gunslinger.

Timothy Olyphant
He's the most recognizable actors on my list. Timothy has bounced from small screen to big screen with ease over his career playing a variety of different characters. You want intensity. He can do it. You want heart felt. He can do it. The guy is amazing and would shine as Roland. He'd be my second choice.

Now I want to address a couple of the actors, not all of them, who's name are circling the rumor mill to play Roland Deschain.

Viggo Mortensen
Dont get me wrong. I think Viggo is a great actor. I think he could play the part and really make Roland a tormented soul. I also think his low key acting style might work in favor of the character. But I see him as too much of a big name to be the Gunslinger. I also think the same thing about Javiar Bardam.

Jon Hamm
I think he's an interesting choice. And I'll be honest. I haven't seen a lot of his work as an actor. But I see him as the "All American" type of guy. You know, the guy next door. He seems too clean cut to be Roland. Could he handle it? Maybe. It'd be interesting.

As for some of the other "big names" like Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig. Please dont let them anywhere near this. I cant even image them as The Gunslinger.

More to come on who I would cast as the other major players.

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Elizabeth Earle said...

What about Willem Dafoe? IMO he does the harsh, angular, time-beaten cowboy look better than anyone. He could totally rock tall, dark & ugly. Plus, if you squint, you could almost imagine that once upon a time, he was super attractive. Before, you know. The world turned on him.