The Dark Tower (My Casting) - The Rest

In the first part of this two part blog I talked about my casting choices for tho character of Roland Deschain, The Gunslinger.

Today, I will round out my picks for the rest of the major characters.

Randall Flagg, The Man in Black
The arch nemesis of Roland. He's older than Roland but with his powers, age really isn't a factor. At one time I thought Robert Duvall would make an amazing Flagg. Too bad he's way too old for the part.

William Fichter
I've heard his name surfacing on some discussion boards and the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. William is another great "character actor" who always brings something unique to a part. I enjoy his performance in almost everything I see him in. He'd make a classic adversary.

John Malkovich
Just think for a second how awesome Malko could be as The Man In Black. You got the image in your head. Me too.

Colm Feore
A fine actor with a recognizable face. He has ties to the series as he played Andre Linoge in Storm of the Century, which is essentially another variation Flagg character. The man sent chills down my spine as that character.

Jamey Sheridan
Here's another guy with an impressive body of work, who again has ties to The Dark Tower as he played Randall Flag in the mini-series The Stand. He could easily reprise the role and I'd be happy.

Eddie Dean
The main thing about Eddie is he's an early 20's junkie from Brooklyn.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
My top choice for the role. He's under thirty and I am always mesmerized by him on the screen. And he's played a variety of diverse characters from gritty to clean cut. He'd be great as Eddie and my first choice.

Jonathan Tucker
I've enjoyed the things I've seen John in, both TV and movies. He has a bright future and is just waiting for a breakout role. I think he be an excellent choice as Eddie.

Ben Foster
If you tried to tell me Ben Foster isn't an amazing in most every role he's played, well you'd be wrong. He constantly amazes me with his range and screen presence. He'd make an incredible Eddie.

Susannah Holmes
What we need to know about Susana is she's an African American woman from the 60's who I believe is in her mid 20's. And she has multiple personality disorder.

Naomi Harris
Rumors have swirled lately with her being the front runner. I love her acting ability and even though she might be slightly old for the part, it's a great choice. Naomi could nail it.

Rosario Dawson
Rosario is another name I kept seeing on message boards. I think she is a fine actress who body of work speaks for itself. She could easily portray the difficult role of Susannah.

Kerry Washington
There is no denying the gal has acting chops. She has handled great leada roles on the independent film level for years now. Kerry would be an excellent choice and would make an amazing Susannah.

Erica Hubbard
I'll be honest. I've seen very little of her work. But she has the right look and age to play the part of Susana. I'd bring in for a reading to see what she could do.

Jake Chambers
He's just a kid from New York City, around ten years old.

I dont know of any child actors. This one is beyond me to guess. Bring in kids and let them audition.

Obviously there's so many other pivotal characters to cast. I just wanted to touch on the main ones. You got to get the core group right.

However, I would love to see Anthony Hopkins reprise his role as Ted Brautigan (from Hearts of Atlantis), Tim Curry as Dandelo (essential the same clown character from It), as Pere Donald Callahan either Jamie Cromwell (played the same character in Salem's Lot remake) or Max Von Sydow (probably a whole Exoricist thing but I always pictured him in my mind), I always envisioned Donald Logue as the Tick-Tock Man, and Patrick Fugit as Patrick Danville.

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