Horror Movies Watched & Books Read (Dec 2010)


Burning Bright (2010) **1/2
Better than I expected from a tiger hunting a girl down in a house movie.

# The Walking Dead, Season 1 (2010) ****1/2
Even with a few minor characters who ride the line of stereotype, this was a spectacular 6 episode debut for the series. It follows the comic fairly close and the additions dont take away from the orginal arc. And this is by far the gorest show on TV. I cant believe the network let some of this go. Thank you AMC.

Doghouse (2009) ***
A group of guys help their friend get over a divorce by taking a holiday to a small town. They dont know is that a virus has turned all the woman into mutated beasts with a thirst for man blood. A tongue in cheek British export, as all of director Jake West's movies are.

Splice (2010) ****
Two scientists create a new life form by splicing different animal & human DNA. This is an intense film as the scientists take on the roll of parents to this hybrid creature, which is constantly undergoing changes. A plausible storyline makes this all the more frightening.

Razorback (1984) **1/2
This Aussie import about a giant size wild hog is filled with all the usual B movie stuff. Some call it a classic. I call it merely alright.

#Millennium, Season 3 (1999) ****
Millennium: Seasons 1-3
The final season of this epic, short lived series has Frank Black returning to the FBI and raising his daughter after the betrayal by the Millennium group. He still finds his way into several strange cases.

Zombie High (1987) **
A misleading title, not really zombies here but a group of people who live forever by the means of black magic. I couldn't get into it.

The Vampire's Assistant (2009) **1/2
A teen agrees to become a vampire's apprentice in order to save his best friend from dying. Better than I had expected with a solid cast.

Night of the Demons (2010) **
Pointless remake. You betcha! Hardly worth the time.

I Drink Your Blood (1970) *
Terrible "cult classic" about a group of satanists who contract rabies and attack a small town. Horror movie or public service be the judge.

Ahhh! Zombies aka Wasted Away (2009) **1/2
A group of friends are turned into zombies but dont realize they are zombies. A decent take on the ever popular zom-com flicks.

Coffin Rock (2009) **1/2
The Aussie version of Fatal Attraction with a disturbed young man stalking a married woman with whom he had an one night stand with. Above average tension and couple of twisted scenes in this highly familiar narrative.

Paranormal Entity (2010) **1/2
Not too bad for a blatant rip off of Paranormal Activity. The main drawback is the lack of compassion for the characters, except maybe the sister. But the mother and brother/cameramen grind my nerves with stupidity.

Behind the Wall (2007) *
A young woman returns to the home where her mother was murdered, only to find a ghost who likes to kill. Boring and more boring.

Demoniacs (1974) **1/2
An early one from director Jean Rollin. After being raped, beaten, and left for dead by pirates; the two girls come back as supernatural beings and want revenge.

One Dark Night (1983) **
An early 80's movies filled with bad acting and special effects. In order to pass a sorority's initiation, a pledge must spend the night in a haunted mausoleum. It just happens to be home to a psychic vampire.

High School Girl Rika: Zombie Killer (2008) **1/2
Japanese extreme splatter fills this zom-com where the title says it all.

Jacqueline Hyde (2005) *1/2
A horror erotic take on Jekyll & Hyde starring the lovely Gabrielle Hall. Really not worth watching.

Steel Trap (2007) **
A group of people get caught in a cat and mouse game with a killer after a party. I hated the characters and the reason why the killer is taking them out is rather stupid. It does have some style.

Kill Theory (2009) *
A group of kids are getting taken out by a killer. Horrible characters and a stupid plot.

Flesh & Blood: The Hammer Heritage of Horror () ****
Flesh and Blood: The Hammer Heritage of Horror
A fine documentary on the British movie studio which produced many classic horror films over the years.

964 Pinocchio (1991) **
A bizarre film indeed. A cyborg sex slave is thrown out on the streets because he cant keep an erection. He befriends a whack job homeless chick and tries out run the Corporation who is out to assassination the malfunctioning cyborg. Not for everyone, but unique.

Shiver of the Vampires (1971) **
All the staples of director Jean Rollin: lots of blood, nude babes, and vampires. Not his best effort but not the worst either.

The Vampire Lovers (1970) ***
A Hammer Studios retelling of the classic tale Camilla starring the lovely Ingrid Pitt. Very fun stuff.

# Dexter, Season 5 (2010) ***1/2
I think this season might have slipped a bit. Part of the character seems to be going through the same paces as the previous two seasons, in regards to relationships with other serial killers. And while I enjoyed the storyline involving the serial killers, some of the execution lacked. Seeing Dexter cope as a now single father was interesting. Maybe this will be a lesser season as they rebound and amp up for season 6.

S&Man (2006) ***1/2
Part documentary and part faux documentary, this is a very unique movie. It examines underground extreme horror movies, which border on snuff films, and searches out the answer as to why people make and watch this types of horror movies. One of the interviews is with a film maker who's might just be the real thing.

2LDK (2003) ****
Two actress are sharing an apartment. They are the final choices to play a leading part in a major film. Over the course of one night, as they each wait for the producer's decisions, the two women torment each other with psychological games with turn violent. I highly enjoyed this unique movie.

Shock-o-rama (2005) *1/2
A bunch shorts from wrapped together in an attempt to make a semi-cohesive story, from director Brett Piper. The low budget horror comedy features his usual players Misty Mundae and Julian Welles. Not nearly as good as some of his other efforts.

Methodic (2007) *
2/3 of this movie comes off like a cheap Halloween rip off. A child kills his parents and get thrown in a mental institution. He escapes and goes after his sister. Then they throw in the "he's possessed by a demon" card. Skip it.

Cthulhu (2007) **
A man returns home for his mother's funeral to find the entire town is hiding a secret. It had potential, but doesn't pull it together.


The Howling by Gary Brandner ***
This is one case where I found the movie far superior to the novel. That doesn't mean the novel is bad, but I found myself more annoyed with the main character than sympathetic to here plight. The plot revolves around a woman who gets raped and decides to move out of the city to recoup and come to grips with what happened. Unfortunately the town has a werewolf problem.

By the Sword by F. Paul Wilson
By the Sword: A Repairman Jack Novel
The Repairman Jack saga is nearing its end with this ??? installment. This time Jack is hired to find a stolen sword and of course nothing anymore is coincidence.

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