My Meaningless Best of 2010 Lists

I thought why not put together a little best of 2010 list to emcompass all my interests.

** These are only the films I've watched which were released this year. Many of which I have yet to see.

Best Horror Movie: [REC 2]
[REC] 2
Since I haven't seen many horror movies which come out in the final few months of the year, this is my pick. The sequel picks up where the first one ends. Except the story is completely different. There's a huge supernatural element involved. And lots of shaky camerwork and darkness.

Best Comedy: Hot Tub Time Machine
Hot Tub Time Machine
A group of friends try to relive old glory and take a weekend getaway to old party place, where they end up going back in time to their one big weekend where it all changed. A funny movie with a great cast and a heart.

Best Drama: Winter's Bone
Winter's Bone
Beautifull shot in this modern noir tale set in the Ozarks has a teenage girl searching for her missing father, who has jumped bail. Seedy characters of tweekers, cops, and mountain folk make the task all the more difficult. A damn fine movie.

Best Sci-Fi: Splice
A sci-fi/horror hybred but still. Even with the few faults I have with the movie, it is still a great tale about the horrors what could go wrong when splicing DNA.

Best Documentary: Cropsey
A disturbing documentary which makes forces you to look at prejudging alleged criminals based on their pasts. It all centers around an abandoned mental institution and a bunch of missing kids.

Movie Which I Should've Hated But Loved: MacGruber
MacGruber (Unrated Edition)
Yes, this movie is utterly stupid. I had no business laughing my ass off as much as I did. But in the end, it was one of the better "shut off your brain and laugh" movies I've watched in a long time.

** Since many shows start in the fall and end in the spring, I've based my decisions on programs either aired during that specific time frame or shown in it's entirity during 2010. And my choices come from only the programs I tend to watch.

Best Horror TV: Supernatural, Season 5
Supernatural: The Complete Fifth Season
Season 5 ended an incredible five year story arc as Sam and Dean Winchester try to stop Earth from being ripped apart by Satan and Angels. A more satisfying conclusion to a story there has not been.
(And them came season 6)

Best New Series: Boardwalk Empire
This new HBO drama is packed with the stuff which makes a great crime drama - great actors, great writing, and a great story of the power of Atlantic City during Prohibition. Also includes plenty of bloodshed, nudity, & cursing.
Honorable Mention: The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead: Season One

Best Animated Series: The Venture Bros. Season 4
The Venture Bros: Season 4, Vol. 1The Venture Bros.: Season 4, Vol. 2
The antics of The Venture family keep getting better every year. Throw in all the side plots with other unique villians, heroes, and secret organizations and it's a stew of awesomeness. A funnier and more messed up cartoon, you will not find.

Best Comedy Series: Parks and Recreation, Season 2
Parks & Recreation: Season Two
The show really come into its own during this season as it become much more of an ensemble piece. Pawnee has never had more potential and with the additions of Rob Lowe and the highly under rated actor Adam Scott, this can only get better.

Best Drama Series: Fringe, Season 2
Fringe: The Complete Second Season
There is so much happening in this season it makes your head explode. The characters are great. They suck you in and make you feel for them. I love the storylines. The whole season epic conclusion in the alternate world couldn't leave it more wide open for a potential amazing season 3.

Series Which Should Never Had Been Canceled: (tie) Party Down
Party Down: Season 1Party Down: Season Two
Starz canceled the hilarious this and yet very touching show after only two seasons. Terrible idea. This show about an LA Catering company full of wanna be actors was great stuff.

FX hung this one out to dry after poor ratings. Too bad because this series had more layers than an onion. At the end of it all the entire season clicked together.

Cant Believe I Waited So Long To Start Watching This Series: Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad - The Complete First Season
For no other reason than not having the time, I put off this show. Over my recent vacation I started the short seven episode season one. I was hooked by the end of episode two. A unique show which runs the gammit of emotions, I am going to get through the next two seasons before number four begins. Guaranteed.

** I tend not to read books the year they are released, so these are the best books to cross my path all year.

Graphic Novels: Walking Dead vol. 1-5
The Walking Dead: Compendium One
This new to me comic, I started just before the TV series started. And I am glad. It is bleak, depressing, horrific, and nihilistic at every turn. It's chalked full of pure human emotions. This is nothing short of brilliant.

Novel: Devil in the White City by Eric Larson
The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America
Nothing like a fact based book combining the fascinating details of the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago and America's first serial killer A.A. Holmes. What's even more amazing is how these two subjects overlap.

Horror Novel: The Strain by Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan
The Strain (The Strain Trilogy)
A horrifying new take on vampires and a precise procedural drama based on the plague caused by the vamps makes this unique and entertaining read.
Runner Up: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Favorite albums released in 2010: I enjoyed all five these albums and listend to each a great deal.
The Black Keys Brothers

Eminem Recovery

Deftones Diamond Eyes
Diamond Eyes

Jimmy Eat World Invented

Kings of Leon Come Around Sundown
Come Around Sundown

Best Event Attended: Ring of Honor's Final Battle 2010
I only attended about a half dozen live events this year. The fewest in a many years. This event sucked me in for the opening bell and had me clinching the guardrail the entire night. It's been awhile since I've been sucked into a show as hard as I was that night in Manhattan.

Favorite Matched Watched: Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker, Wrestlemania 26
WWE WrestleMania 26
The match of year? Probably. Two icons battled in a rematch of 2009 on the "biggest wrestling stage there is". It was an epic battle which put an end to the great HBK's career.

Biggest Disappointment: Indianapolis Colts losing the Superbowl.

Coolest New Place Traveled: San Diego
I didn't travel to many new places this year, for work or personally. San Diego barely beat out Key West.

Most Awesome Food I Never Ate Before: Pho
This Vietnamese noodle delight is heaven. So glad this cuisine has come to my hometown. Eat it now. Eat it often. Delicious!

Favorite Beer of the 2010: Aventinus
This is the year which I really got into craft brews. I've been leaning that way the last couple of years, but in 2010 I tried countless flavors from microbreweries all across the US. This is one I keep coming back to again and again. Old Rasputin and Dark Horse Perkulator Coffe Dopplebock are both a close second.

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