Expat notions

My job in the AV world takes me many places. I've been able to stay in upscale resorts & hotels in nearly every portion of the US. Most of these are I would've never gone otherwise. If Im lucky on these work excursions I get a couple of nights to check out the city.

However I'm embarrassed to admit to never sitting foot outside US borders. Well except that one time as a child my grandparents drove across Mackinaw Bridge & turned around in Canada. Does that adventure really count?

It's not that I've never wanted to travel abroad, I do rather badly and to many places. But a variety of other reasons/excuses are the cause of why it hasn't happened yet. This needs to change. Soon.

In fact as I get closer to forty the notion of becoming an expat of US sounds more pleasing by the day. Quite often I ponder the notion of selling everything I own off to travel the world. Working when I need money or in exchange for a place to stay.

It seems very appealing.

(stay tuned)

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