Travels To Louisville

Once again my job had me traveling to a place I've never been before. This one a little closer to home, Louisville. The city I've drove through numerous times but have never stopped over night.

The job was at the Kentucky Convention Center, in the heart of downtown. I stayed across the street in a Hyatt. Luckily there a good amount of places to spend some time at in the area.

A cool little area downtown is called 4th Street Live. It's a couple of blocks sectioned off with a cover to protect you from the weather that is stacked with bars and restaurants. I ate at a couple of places there over my few days that really weren't all that memorable.

4th Street Live

I did some research and found the a local brewery had a bar just down the street. It's a beer maker I was familiar with and really like one of their brews, the Bourbon Barrel Stout. So one night it was off to Bluegrass Brewing Company. I slammed down a few new to me brews along with a couple of old favorites. Add in a tasty BBQ Pizza and it was a nice evening.

Bluegrass Brewing Company

My last day was fairly uneventful. Didn't really have time to do anything afterwards. I was tired and felt like crashing for the night. The next day it was back to the Fort.

A short trip to town pronounced six different ways. Unfortunately I didn't get away from the downtown area. In fact, I was hardly able to get away from the block where I stayed and worked. But it sure seems like an enjoyable little city.

Damn! I forgot to have mint julep!

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