Indianapolis Colts 2011 Season Recap


I did not ever expect this season to go so terribly.


I predicted close to 8 wins. I really thought it was possible. The Colt's proved me wrong. There are zero excuses to be made. The one thing this franchise proved is Peyton Manning is good for 9 wins a season.

This team was lead by clueless coaching from a staff who has never really had to coach a game. Clyde Christensen certainly proved he couldn't call the offense. And Jim Caldwell proves over and over how to make poor decisions during a game. Dont even get me started on Larry Coyer and his defensive calls. At least the group showed a little spark after Murphy took the helm.

The Polian's need to take their share of the blame. I admire Bill Polian greatly. Without him, this franchise could have easily had Ryan Leaf and Ricky Williams and many years of ineptitude. Instead, he helped make Indianapolis a football city. But the last few season his evaluation of talent has been off. And it has led to lack of quality depth.

Above those things, this team seemed to quit. They appeared to simply give it up when Peyton wasn't coming back.

And now, the first pick in the 2012 draft. Again. With big time, franchise decisions to be made. Keep Peyton? Cut Peyton? Will Peyton be healthy? Draft Luck? Sit Luck? Fire Caldwell? Fire Polian? OK, that one just happened.

One thing is for certain. I will still cheer for this team regardless. I like the thought of another franchise QB and surrounding him with parts and upgrades to be successful. I also never want to see Peyton Manning in another uniform. Especially one in the AFC.

It will be an interesting off season.

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