A general update

I've been lazy on updating this part of the website. That's bad since it's the main part. So much time has been put the Fringes of Horror Blog, work commitments and personal life that I fail to have the time, energy, or thought to write anything.

I need to change that part of the website. Make a commitment to post every week. Get more personal with what I write. I need to update the site as well. Soon.

Heading out to Baltimore at the end of the week for work. I'll have a couple of free evenings. And I get to spent St. Patrick's Day out there. If anyone from the area, throw me suggestions.

Then it's off to Miami. The what is turning into the yearly gathering of friends from across the globe... for wrestling. It will be fun.

And stay classy San Diego. Or where ever your hat is hung.

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T.Brinsley said...

We demand updates.