Baltimore (Sheeeee.....)

Back in mid March I had an opportunity to head out to Baltimore for a week of working for a client. The two man crew, myself and a co-worker, stayed at the Hyatt Regency on Light Street which is where the event was being held. The bonus part is we had decent down time so I could explore the Harbor District and surrounding area.

We rolled into town late on a Friday. With an very early load in time we opted not to go out. Saturday comes around. We load in and do what we can. It ended up being a light day. The day also happened to be St. Patty's Day. One could see a lot of activities and people enjoying themselves from the hotel windows. The Inner Harbor area was beyond full.

After our duties and getting cleaned up we decided to find drink and food. We made our way a few blocks to the Federal Hill District and found the crowds to be even bigger. College kids drinking and having fun. This wasn't really my kind of scene when I was that age much less now that I am in my late thirties. We found a  Lebanese restaurant, Cross Street Kabob House and ate an awesome meal. Stuffed we walked around a bit trying to find a place to sit down and have a drink. Nothing looked appealing because all the bars were jammed packed. A stop a liquor store and back to the hotel. Not quite the St. Patty's day celebration I was looking for but it's hard to argue against great food and decent six pack.

After work the next day we wanted some good seafood. We were on the coast after all. I left it in the hands of my friend, who chose a damn fine place. The world known Mo's Crab and Pasta Factory, made famous by such people as Anthony Bourdain and just for having damn excellent food. The joint had personality. Don't let the slightly run down appearance fool you. I've eaten at several places where the building looked a bit shady, but it's the food that matters. Mo's fits the bill. I am not huge seafood eater. I like it fresh and you cant get fresh in the Midwest. But when on the coasts I always eat seafood. This was one of the best meals of my life. Period. Boiled crab pieces smothered in garlic butter, Maryland crab cakes, shrimp, and scallops. A delicious sampler well worth the bill. So much food. My belly was about to explode and just couldn't finish it all.

It was a late night of work. We were both hungry and tired. I wanted a drink and food in close proximity. We both did. Down the street was a The Oliver Brewery and the Pratt Street Ale House. We made our way. The place brews many of their own beers. I ended up drinking three different ones. All decent stuff. The BBQ Chicken Pizza wasn't bad either.

A couple days passed without being able to really leave the hotel. It happens quite often in my job. But the event was a success and that is what counts. One day left and we should be done at a decent time.

It was our last free night in town. My friend went to spend the evening with a bunch of family members he has in the area. My goal was different: to visit one of the top beer bars in the Northeast,
Max's Taphouse for some new to me brews. This bar is treasure and any serious craft beer drinker should check it out. There are about a hundred beers on tap and many, many choices in bottle and can form. And the selection is outstanding as there is a lot of brews I cant find back home in Indiana. I ended up eating the Tator Bowl, or a heart attack on a plate. The dish consisted on tator tots smothered with bacon and cheese. Not at all heathy but so tasty.

The drive home was long and winding as we went through the hills of Maryland and West Virginia. It was about eleven hours in total. But I made home in time for Indiana vs Kentucky in the Sweet Sixteen. To bad the outcome of the game wasn't as sweet as this trip.

I had an appreciation on Baltimore for shows like The Wire. And while that part of the city does exist, what I found were very diverse city full of friendly people. Lots of activities should one choose, great food, good drinks, and bad traffic. If I ever make it back I will have venture out away from the tourist part of the city and check out its real pulse.

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