Colts: Playoffs and Beyond

at Baltimore, Lost 24-9

What Happened: The game basically came down to the defense giving up big plays which led to touchdowns and the offense not being able to put the ball in the end zone. There were lots of dropped passes and a constant rush from Baltimore defense. 

Final Thoughts on 2012
When I first scripted out the Colts' season, it most certainly did not come out this way. I said nine wins would be obtainable with a few breaks and a possibility of the playoffs. Well, they certainly shatter that claim by riding the arm of a fantastic rookie and the #Chuckstrong movement.

The season could not have been any more enjoyable. It was an thrill ride. The draft class more than lived up to expectations and with the amount of revolving bodies in and out of the locker room it is really hard to believe the team performed as well as they did. Sure this team has needs to address. But for many young players who will have a future role on the team gained valuable experience.

Looking to 2013
Bruce Arians deserves a head coaching job in the NFL after this season. But I hope he turns them all down to remain the OC in Indy. He was a big reason for the team's success. 

Indy has a lot of cap space. I look for Gigson to make maybe one big signing in free agency, grab a few solid guys to fill some holes,  and continue with picking up players that are low risk and high reward guys. An obvious upgrade to the offensive line and secondary is needed. Defensive line, linebacker, and receiver depth would help too. 

I dont see a lot of the guys from the old regime sticking around such as Dwight Freeney, Donald Brown, and Jerrod Powers. I could even see Grigson trading away some other guys who aren't good fits for the 3-4 defense such as Angerer. Of current guys on the roster who will be free agents, Pat McAfee is a must sign. We need "The Boomstick" on the roster.

One thing is for certain...
The future looks good.

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