Favorite Albums (part 1)

I've had this idea floating around in my head for about six months to list my top one hundred albums. But I keep putting it off and coming up with excuses not to write it up. Well no more. This is the fist part of (at least) a Top 50 Favorite Albums list. Yeah!!!! 

I decided to set a few ground rules before writing: 
1.) only use one album per artist
2.) greatest hits, compilations, or box set could not be included
3.) neither could live albums
4.) all albums must have been released before 2013

The list was a hard to narrow down. Some artists I like their collection as a whole but not one specific album (such artist as  Faith No More, Johnny Cash, Danzig, Beasstie Boys, Shins, Rollins Band, My Morning Jacket, Tool, and others all into this category). 
Here are the fist ten on the list and in no particular order.

Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti (1975)

** Those who know me well realize I am a huge Zep fan. And of all their great albums, Graffiti is by far my favorite. Everything on the album clicks as flows seamlessly from one track to the next. You can rock out hard with "Kashmir" or simply hit a mellow vibe with "Ten Years Gone". Bonham, Page, Jones, and Plant had never been better.
Favorite Song: "Down By The Seaside"

Soundgarden - Down on the Upside (1996)

** While many of my generation really got into Nirvana (and dubbed them the kings of grunge), I always preferred Soundgarden. Maybe it's the way Cornell belts out a tune. The man has one of the best vocal ranges in rock history. Period. Or maybe it's the heavy guitar strumming of the highly underated Kim Thayill. Regardless they are one my favorite bands of all time. And Upside is their signature effort. You can get lost in the melodies of "Blow Up the Outside World', "Overfloater", and "Tighter and Tighter".
Favorite Album: "Zero Chance"

Miles Davis - Bitches Brew (1970)

** As an AV event technician I am often asked to supply walk in music for meetings or background dinner music at the last moment. When the situation occurs, nearly 75% of the time Bitches Brew is my go to album. Miles blows his horn with a fury never heard before. The result is amazing on your eardrums. Crack it loud and fill it's passion.

Favorite Song: "Spanish Key"

Jimmy Eat World - Invented (2010)

** J.E.W. is a band I got into a little late. I didn't care for the band when they first came out while attedning college. Years later I started hearing all this awesome songs on the alternative radio station in town. When I found out who the artist was, quite frankly I was shocked. So I gave them another chance and now the band is right up with all my favs. Invented is their crowning achievement.The second half of this album from "Stop" to "Mixtape" is as good as anything produced in the last decade. Honestly, it's that good and the lyrics are pure poetry. 

Favorite Song: "Invented"

Brand New - The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me (2006)

** I bought this album after hearing one song that instantly resonated with me, "Jesus". It's an act which rarely occurs for me with a new to me band. I popped the CD and one song after another hit the right mark. I probably listened to it for two weeks straight, non-stop, without ever getting tired of it. Whether it's "Millstone", "Handcuffs", "Degausser", or "You Dont Know" this album never misses.
Favorite Song: "Jesus"

Toadies - Rubberneck (1994)

** Rubberneck is one of the best, lesser known albums of the 90's. The huge hit off the album was "Possum Kingdom", a fine song indeed. But the rest of the album continues with a southern punk hybrid style rarely heard and extremely dark lyrics. Songs like "I Burn" and "Tyler" make this one stand out which is why it makes my list.

Favorite Song: "I Burn"

Jack White - Blunderbuss (2012)

** As far as I'm concerned anything Jack White touches is gold. So it's no surprise his fist solo album is on my list. He combines rock, country, and blues guitar riffs with lyrics that tell compelling stories. The album just makes me happy. It's musical bliss.
Favorite Song: "Love Interruption"

Fleetwood Mac - Rumors (1977)

** Simply put. Rumors is one great album. Like many of the group's effort it's the vocal stylings of Nicks, McVie, and Buckingham which drives the songs. And almost every one on the album is a hit including "Second Hand News", "Go Your Own Way", "Dont Stop", and "Gold Dust Woman". Pure 70's soft, pop rock goodness.
Favorite Song: "The Chain"

N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton (1988)

** As a middle class white kid from Northeast Indiana obviously this album about living life in an LA gang connected with me. It was different from the normal with songs like "8 Ball", "Staight Outta Compton", "Dope Man", and "Gangsta Gangsta" containing sensationalized lyrics about death, drugs, and women. It was frowned upon by the adults for the content. It was listened by me and friends over and over again in act of rebellion. To this day I can recite a good share of the lyrics on the album.  
Favorite Song: "Fuck Tha Police"

ACDC - Back In Black (1980)

** Quite honestly a near perfect rock album containing songs everyone knows like "You Shook Me All Night Long", "Rock and Roll Aint Noise Pollution", and "Hells Bells". It is the second biggest selling album of all time. Angus Young guitar riffs sink into your skull while Brian Johnson's gravely voice pumps you up. Many beers have been slung to this tunes in my day.
Favorite Song: "Back In Black"

More to be revealed in the weeks to come

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