Portland, OR: The Return

Belmont Station

I had a couple of hours to kill before getting to the hotel. I decided to stop in at Belmont Station for a little bottle shopping as their selection is amazing. A first class bar adjoins the bottle shop so a quick sip of a Cigar City-Widmer Brothers collaboration called Gentlemen's Club and banter with the bartender was in store. I thought about the Horse Brass Pub for lunch which was just down the road but parking is damn near impossible with a Sprinter van. Instead I headed to the hotel hoping they could park me early.

Upon arrival at the hotel and after the business of getting the van parked, contacting the client, and getting checking into the room; it was time to hit the downtown area of Portland. My first destination was for a late lunch and drinks at Deschutes Brewery.

Deschutes Brewery

It was happy hour and packed but I managed to squeeze in at the bar. Started out with a sampler tray of brews. The tilted back a Black Butte XXV Porter which was outstaning (should have bought a bottle to bring home) and a sampler tray with Saison De Perle, Twilight Summer Ale, Obsidian Stout. The food was also excellent. I had a brasied pork belly. A few more beers entered my system. A nice brewery with quality. Maybe soon they will start distributing to Indiana.

I left the brewery with another destination in mind, but was sidetracked by this huge bookstore taking up almost a city block, Powell's Books. This place was the biggest bookstore I have ever stepped in. Multiple floors with tall racks upon racks of new and used books of every variety. Time escaped me as I wandered the aisles just gazing and searching for nothing particular. I walked out with a couple of purchases and then it was time to fill another craving, Voodoo Doughnut.

I dont care how trendy this establishment has become to tourists or how much locals crave them because they make a damn tasty donught. I bought a couple new to me flavors for breakfast (Diablos and Mango Tango) and one for the road (Voodoo Doll). On the way back to the hotel, I grabbed a slice of Thai pizza from Pizza Schmizza. Another day of travel and exploring was completed. Time for sleep as actual work came in the morning.

After work on my second day, I ventured the few short blocks down to Bailey's Taproom, another top beer bar in the nation and a bar I visited on my last time in town. This place is a techie and beer lovers dream. They had a digital display with all the tap listing, size of pour, and cost. Plus an Untappd feed scrolls across the top. But more importantly, an amazing and often changing selection. I had a few glasses which included a Fort George Rye Whiskey Cavitica Stout, Full Sail Chris's Summer Delight Berliner Weisse, Oakshire III-Tempered Gnome. On my way back to the hotel I found a food truck, one of many on this trip as the city embraces them with spots all over the city and lots of these establishments are wheels off for permanent location. I hit up a Mexican food cart and got a huge steak burrito. Full and very, very content it was time to go back to the hotel.

On my third day in town I managed to sneak away from lunch and found food truck scene a few blocks away. It's about one square block oarking lot with food trucks surrounding the perimeter. I had a Spam Musbi and Spicy Pork from Island Grill Hawaiian Barbeque. Another top notch food truck experience.

After work I decided to head to a brewery. And there are a plenty to choose from in Portland. I ended up at one close to the hotel called Tugboat Brewery (actually across the street from Bailey's). Its a small place with a laid back atmosphere. I tried two of the house brews with my favorite being a Russian Imperial Stout called Chernobyl. Also had a tasty Chinese Pork Tenderloin to eat from their unique menu.
Taps at Tugboat

Italian Cured Meat
  On the next day, one of the locals helpers I had for the set up raved about a sandwich place. When he ran there for lunc and grabbed us food. The place is Bunk Sandwiches and I had Italian Cured Meat. It's was great. I highly recommend it.

That night I ate dinner with the meeting planners at Pasta Pastaria. I am not a huge pasta fan but I like our clients and I wont turn down a chance for after work bonding with them. It's good for company. I had a five cheese lasagna and a Black Butte Porter. We had a good time. They called me an AV Ninja.

On the way back to the hotel I stopped in a store and I snagged a bottle of Ninkasi Vanilla Oatis Stout to sip on back in my room.

Yak Momos

It was the last day of the show. Luckily, I managed once again to sneak out for lunch again. A farmer's market was about a block away and I saw food being advertised. There were some interesting choices but I went with an item I have never had before.Yak Momos from Momo Cart which are steamed dumplings with yak meat. And there are incredible! Philly Cheesesteak from Steaks Fifth Avenue

One more night in the city. My first stop was a little store called Made In Oregon where I picked up a couple of bombers to take back home. I also wanted to go to a couple more beer destinations. So it was off to Rogue Publick House. The place was packed but once again I managed to grab a seat at the bar. I ate a trio of pork sliders, which were good. And had a Shakespeare Nitro Stout and a sampler tray because even though we get a lot of Rogue's back home there are some we do not. I had a CPT. Sig's NW Ale, Dirtoir Black Lager, 19 Original Colonies Mead, and Charlie 1981. And on my way back, once again I hit up Bailey's where several taps had changed. A Fort George Three Wiseman Oatmeal Stout (unbelievably good) and a 10 Barrel Brewing Ransom Imperial Stout crossed my lips.

By now it was getting late and I was feeling pretty good. So it was back to the hotel. I had to back and sleep. The road back home would come early.

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