I am so behind on blogging. No sure how people find the time to these things on the side. But since I enjoy writing it will keep at it.

Anyways, late October I traveled for work to Minneapolis. I've drove through the city and I have flown into the city's airport but never actually spent time here. For the most part I was pleasantly surprised.  

I have worked in many convention centers in my career. And Minneapolis has a huge and very nice one located downtown.  One of the first things I noticed when walking around the area was how clean everything is. It's not necessarily new buildings or streets but it all looks so darn up kept and inviting.

The second thing I noticed is all the city artwork on display. Countless statues and buildings with awe inspiring paintings on the side.

Happy Gnome
There is also a lot of great food and drinks to be had here. As any foodie would tell you. I ate well and drank better.

I got to cross another famous beer bar off my list when I was able to get out to theThe Happy Gnome in St. Paul. An amazing place which lived up to it's expectation.

A couple other interesting food and drink joints I wondered into were 8th Street Grill and Taphouse, Devils Advocate Bar, Market BBQ, Brit's Pub & Eating Establishment. All had delicious food and a fine beer selections.

The show I worked had long hours, as usual, and I didn't get to explore much other than the few blocks surround the convention and my nearby hotel. There were plenty of other places I wanted to check out. 

I was also unprepared for the first snow fall of the year. It got very cold for a few days as the white stuff littered the ground and building tops. Also found Minneapolis to be a rather expensive city. More so than I would have expected. I will know this for next time and I want to come back and explore more... only in the Summer though.


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