Another loss

So after two grandmothers passed away in the Spring, I thought was done for awhile. A naive notice but it really was just more of hoping than anything else. It didn't happen.

In mid November my step-father passed away unexpectedly. I always thought of Frank as more of my mother's husband and a friend than a father figure. I dont mean that statement in a negative manner. I feel that way because they got together when I was in my twenties and never see them a handful of times per year and he wasn't that much older than me (Mom married a younger guy this time around). And it doesn't mean I was any less saddened by the news. It sounds selfish, but he provided me with a piece of mind knowing my mom was being cared for. He is gone and its way too soon.

Frank was a good guy with a great heart who loved and took care of my Mother. His enthusiasm for NASCAR and Michigan Wolverines could be a bit overwhelming at times as could his good natured joking, but he was never malicious and very entertaining.

The man will be missed greatly by family and friends.

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