My Filipino Tour: Vigan

After exiting the bus and getting to the hotel, My Vigan Home Hotel, we had a couple of hours to walk around the city of Vigan. We had traveled far enough south that the rain had stopped. it was hot and sunny. Vigan City is a tourist town with lots of Spanish infleunce remaining (especially in the architecture) and Catholic symbolism. The main spot where this can be seen is called Heritage Village.

Lots of little shops, eateries, and very neat looking, old buildings. Nuch historical wonderment can be found. The Spanish influence here reminded a lot of the US Southwest. Vigan is also known for empanadas, bibingka (a sweet pastery), and longinissa (a small breakfasst sausage). We stopped and ate each of these items on our walk around the area.

 Afte a few hours, we had a light dinner and retired for the evening. The hotel we stayed out is fairly famous. Apparantly it was on old church and it gets a lot Filipino celebrites. I thought the hotel was decent for decent price, but over all I was not too impressed. They do serve a good breakfast.

We had some time in the morning before check out  and decided to check out a couple of other spots. The first was the free zoo called Baluarte. A short trike drive and we were there.

The zoo was moderately busy. And they had a good amount of animals, though some appeared a little ragged and unhealthy. I guess that the nature of being a free to the public zoo. Not a bad place to spend time and I would recommed as there are a few animals I have never seen before.

 After a couple of hours we headed to the next destination called Hidden Garden. It's a really neat place. A free garden to tour with many different plants species available to purchase. There is an awesome bonsai tree section. Plus lots of other trees, a few caged birds and lizards, and a restaurant. I really enjoyed this place.

We headed back to hotel and gathered our belongings and made a trike trip to the bus terminal. Vigan turned out to be one of the best places visited on the trip and I am glad P made the suggestion. We both had a lot of fun here.

Now it wa time to catch the bus to Angeles City, which is P's hometown. This was another, long and slow bus ride. In total about 8 hours and it was mainly because of the constant stopping in all the small towns for passengers to get on and off. One must have patient for the Phillipine transit system.

It was late when we arrived in Angeles City. And in the middle of a huge celebration....

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