St Louis calling me back

I had a quick trip to St. Louis back in early October. It was a strange trip because I was going to attend a conference instead of working one. I was asked to part of our ESOP Communications Committee at work and represent the Northern Indiana/Northern Ohio region. It's a necessary part of being an employee owned company. I didn't realize the amount of work it take but I am finding it rewarding.

Anyways, myself and three other committee members went to a two day conference held in downtown Saint Louis. I had been to the city once before about eight years ago. We got into town late afternoon on a Sunday and it was dead. With no football or hockey or baseball, there was nothing happening.

We walked around and grabbed something to eat before walking down to the Arch. Afterwards, I ended up a local brewery called Morgan Street Brewery, shocking I know, before retiring for the night.

After the first day of conference we all went out to eat again, I chose the place, a beer bar called The Bridge Tap House and Wine Bar down the street with upscale food. It was had a good selection and tasty food. The others didn't feel like staying so we left and walked around the once again dead downtown area. Seemed like lots of abandoned buildings. We ended up back at the hotel bar and talked for awhile before calling it a night.

We drove back for Indianapolis after the conference the next day. So time was brief. This is a town with a lot of history. Too bad I didn't see much of it.

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