Bye Bye Forty

I turned forty-one last week.

An insignificant number really in the age spectrum. However the last year was a very significant one in my life, both personally and professionally.

In 2013 I visited the Philippines for the first time. Actually, the first time I traveled outside the United States. Part of the reason of the trip was to meet in person a wonderful lady that I had gotten to know online over the year. We hit it off in person and our relationship blossomed. In 2014, I traveled back to the country twice more. And more importantly, I got engaged to that wonderful lady. Currently our K-1 Marriage Visa petition has been filed and we in the waiting game.

Now all my thought processes have changed. For the first time in my life I am trying to figure out a future with two people in it and how to make Pam arriving/living in the US as easy as possible. It will be a big adjustment for her. For both of us really, but one we are excited about and eager to start. Here's to the process going smoothly and quickly.

Professionally was a year a challenges as well. I found my role in our office changing. It has been an adjustment and one that I am still trying to get used to. What makes things easier is our branch office being very a tight knit group. The majority of us are not only colleagues, but friends who gather outside of work. And it's a promising future as our company is employee owned and we are starting to see and realize the potential behind it. I was asked to be part of our Communications Committee, which has been rewarding, hectic, and demanding. Thankfully, I am allowed time to the necessary things needed for this group.

I traveled this year, as usual for work and pleasure, mostly to places I have been to before.

I also been dealing with a bad knee all year. And as of writing this, have just had knee surgery.

Looking forward to this year has in store. A marriage on the horizon is the big changer. Maybe new career opportunities too, who knows.

As long as family and friends are around to support me and be a part of the year, then 2015 will be another great year.

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