Me and my fiancee made it official on July 25, 2015.

We had a small ceremony with my family in the town I grew up in. Even with a small service thrown together, there was so much to figure out. I dont how one does a large wedding.

Our marriage in the US was more about hitting a deadline. Pam was here on K-1 Visa for three months and it expired in late August. We had to be married with in 90 days of her arrival. What they don't tell you is the adjustment paperwork also has to filed in those 90 days for the fiancee to stay legally. And gathering paperwork and documents takes time.

So her Adjustment Status paperwork is filed and the Green Card process begins. In the meantime we are still figuring out how to be together under one roof and how to process each other's quirks. The last three months are more time we spent in the same place than the two years we officially dated. Some things just don't translate over internet chats or on short week long vacations.

Luckily we are happy and doing just fine.

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