That new (to us) home smell

Since taking the job in Merrillville I have spent time in multiple hotels, and a temporary apartment before moving into our new home on June 1.

After having to re-adjust the amount I wanted to spend on a home for myself and Pam, the housing market is so much more expensive on this side of the state, I settled on a house. Pam got to look it over via webcam and was happy with the choice. It is a much larger house than either of us had in mind.

It's a three bedroom with a full basement and a nice size lot. There was some thing which need to be done to the house and some things we wanted to do. But it is in a good, safe neighborhood, their is shopping within walking distance, and a short commute to work. Plus we got it for a lower than value price.

We spent the first month cleaning the filth and throwing out garbage left behind by the last owners. I knew there was some junk laying around but there was a whole new layer once we started peeling it away. Oh, the amount of disinfectant cleaner used to clear away the funky oder and caked on dirt and animal hair. It wasn't a pretty sight to begin with and I think my wife wondered what I had gotten us into.

Nearly three months later there are still many projects to complete. I have to remember it takes time and money. We've got all the junk thrown out of the house, still working on the garage. We have new floors down in the kitchen and laundry room with basement floors to be done in the next week. New windows are scheduled for September. Left behind, dirty cabinets have been cleaned, painted, and re-purposed for actual use.

Pam has found a love for this little DIY projects while I am at work. And luckily, we have plenty. But in a couple years this house will be turned into a five bedroom house with two baths and a finished basement. All of the improvements should be most beneficial when it comes time move and sell.

Until then, it's our home sweet home.

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