Niagara Falls - A Honeymoon Getaway

I haven't wrote much on here in a long time. My free time because less and less any more. Which is why I never wrote about this trip last year.

I guess it was our official honeymoon. Me and the wife jumped in the car and drove out to Niagara Falls for a couple of days over Labor Day weekend. It was rather inexpensive method to get away over Labor Day. And it was our first vacation/road trip together.

I had been to Niagara before and traveled down these interstates numerous times over the years. But watching Pam take it all in for the first time made a lot of it new to me once again. Her inquisitive nature takes over at rest stops as she grabs pamphlets and maps to area in search of deals and possible future adventures. Her friendly ways take over as she talks to other travelers in this places. It's nothing to walk out of the restroom to find her chatting with a total stranger.

To see the beauty of the Falls again with my beauty warmed my heart. We spent the afternoon and evening of the first night all around at the Falls. Looking at it from over head and going down to caverns below (and getting soaked). We walked back to hotel to change. Then walked back to the Falls to gaze at it under the night sky.

The next morning we awoke and walked around the downtown area. We ended up at the Aquarium, which was pretty decent. We both enjoy the spectacle of animal gazing. We squeezed in
before heading back to the hotel and checking out.

We stopped at an outlet mall (or two) on the way back and had an overnight stay in downtown Cleveland before coming back home to relax for the rest of the holiday.

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