Dallas Wrestling Trip 2016

As some followers of this silly blog of mine know that nearly every season I try to go on a wrestling vacation at Wrestlemania time. This year was no exception. However, it was the first time my wife came with me. Mainly because she has never been around before.

We tried to balance the vacation out between activities we both wanted to do while in Dallas, Texas.

Once arriving and meeting up with familiar faces at the hotel, we went to Martin House Brewery. A place where a friend of mine works in distribution. A couple of other people joined the adventure of brewery hopping for the night. It was a good time with good beer.

The next we headed downtown with a couple of other friends to check out the Dallas Aquarium. Afterwords we ate lunch, we walked around checking out the usual tourist spots like the JFK Assassination site and Reunion Tower. After it was time for the Ring of Honor event, which was my first live wrestling event in nearly a year and my wife's first one. It was a great event and my wife had a blast.

On Saturday we debated several things to do. We ended up doing a little shopping and lots of relaxing. Plus watched the NXT event at the hotel.

Sunday rolled around and we had the opportunity to visit old family friends of my wife's from the Philippines.We went to their home and ate a fantastic lunch. It meant a lot to Pam to see one of her mother's best friends. It was a fun afternoon for us both. Then it was more wrestling. We opted not to go to Mania this year. Tickets were too outrageous for us. So we gathered in a room with friends and watched the event.

Monday morning came around. We had to leave early to catch our flight back home.

It was a short trip, but a fun one. Even only seeing people for a short time is better than not at all. I am still amazed at how this group of people from around the world come together all the time.

Orlando plans are already in the works for 2017.

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