My Other Sites
~ Fringes of Horror Blog
~ 7 Strong Style Assholes: A Wrestling Blog

The Websites to Friends
~ The GregH Discussion Forum: Entertaining posts on a variety of topics by good people, many of which are friends.
~ AFAR" Pictures, Writing, & Music of Tom Brinsley
~ Photography by Eric Fetcho
~ Light-Tight Box: Photography of Andrew Laker
~ Photography of Christine Coon
~ Russ-n-Rojo: Two guys and there on again/off again website consisting of just about anything.
~ Two Spot Monkeys: A Wrestling Blog
~ Big Shiny Beltbuckle: The ramblings of one & only Johnny Z.
~ On Sandwiches: A food blog about sandwiches, naturally.
~ Under the Texas Sun: An interesting blog by a unique person.
~ Headlocked by Mike Kingston: A Wrestling Comic Book

Websites of My Other Interests
~ Official Site of the Indianapolis Colts
~ Beer Advocate
~ Ring of Honor Wrestling
~ Matador Network